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How to Get Dofollow Backlink from Amazon? is the world’s largest online e-commerce website. In May 1996, Jeff Bezos took the lead. Millions of visitors from all over the world visit the site every day. The website has millions of products. This is a green mark website in the world.

To facilitate our work, we take backlinks from various websites which increase the value or acceptance of our site. Today I will show you how to get a Do follow backlink from Amazon for free.

Before I tell you the method of making backlinks, let’s get knowledge about the valuable data history of the site.

Amazon Website Data History 

  • Domain authority: 96
  • Monthly Search Volume: 124,000,000
  • Page Authority (PA): 80
  • Page Rank (PR): 10
  • Alexa Rank: 8
  • Alexa US Rank: 4
  • PR Quality: TOP
  • Domain Register Date: 1994-10-31
  • Domain Age: 26 years 7 months 3 days (2021-06-03)

Only 5 Steps to Get Backlink from Amazon

Follow this process to get a backlink from Amazon.

Step 01:- Account Creation

Firstly go to and create an account if you haven’t had an account before. Simply click the Sign-up button And verify your email. Your account creation has been completed. So now log in to the account.

Step 02:- Account Login

After login, go to Your Account Section.

Step 03:- Public Profile

Find and go to Your Public Profile in the Personalization section on your account page.

Step 04:-  Edit Your Profile

Now click Edit Your Profile Button. You can see it like this.

Step 05:- Fill Blank Form and Save

Here you have to fill a blank form (Your Public Name, Public Biodata, Occupation, Email, Signature, Social media Accounts link, Home Location, Website Address, and Interest). Fill the all required fields including most important your Website URL and then Push Up the Save button.

What do you think it’s Done, Bro… Now you successfully created a DOFOLLOW backlink for your website from Amazon.

Learn More about FAQ:

Is this Backlink Safe?

Ans: Yes… It’s 100% safe for your website and doesn’t increase your Spam Score. And Safe from Google Core update, Penguin, Medic & Panda updates.

Can I get a do-follow backlink?

Ans: Yes.. this is a do-follow backlink and it’s for free.

How many do-follow links can you create?

Ans: You can create lots of backlinks for your website from,,,, etc.


Hey, I know you got a backlink from Amazon. And you have more questions about this backlink. I try to clear everything but if you have any questions let’s comment below and help me to clear everything.